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Welcome to the Frontier

The bulk of our game takes place not in Solace, where the PCs are from, but in the Outpost (also known as the Outward), on the southwest coast of the continent north of Solace. This region is generally known as the frontier, and thanks to the receding of the Storm, is only just now starting to see new fledgling settlements pop up for the first time in a millennium.

It’s worth noting that the journey by airship from Solace to the Outpost takes, on average, between seven to eight hours.

Solace Island to the south, and the Outpost in the frontier to the north across the sea.

Maps of the old world pre-Godfall suggest that this continent, now commonly known as the frontier, was once quite vast. However, initial scouting forays by airships in the region of the Outward have shown that the old maps seem to be out of date—the Storm having violently reshaped the lands of Otera over the centuries. Many parties in Solace are eager to see these lands mapped anew to see what’s out there . . .

A Brief History of the Outpost

In 998 AG, the first airship to be launched from Solace (the ill-fated Skybreaker) made its maiden journey on a mission of utmost importance: flying northward to the mainland to determine if the continent’s southwestern coast was, as researchers at the University had hypothesized, one of the points on the globe from which the Maelstrom might be starting to recede.

Most of the Skybreaker’s crew perished on the way there after the ship was sabotaged and badly damaged by cultists who see the Storm as godly. However, Captain Farideh Torzalan and a few brave crew members survived and chose to carry on with their mission, managing to confirm that yes, the continent’s southerwestern coastal region was indeed experiencing reduced storm activity. The brave survivors of the Skybreaker disaster sacrificed their lives in the name of this discovery and are remembered as heroes in Solace. A few features in the region around the Outpost are named for them, including Mt. Marax and the Fariyana Hillocks.

Within a few months after the doomed survivors of the Skybreaker disaster got word back to Solace about their discovery, the Outpost was established (in 998 AG). The Outward’s foundation was possible in large part due to the ingenuity of the Framers, who managed to construct a smaller replica of Solace’s stormshield to protect the newly founded Outward. This stormshield is still in use today, and is the first and only line of defense in protecting denizens of the Outpost from the Maelstrom when it rolls in.

The first group of people to venture to the Outpost was quite small—only thirteen souls. A little over a year and a half after its founding, the Sovereign Four decided the time was right to recruit would-be adventurers to join these intrepid settlers in the frontier and begin the groundwork needed to resettle the continent—exploring, mapping, dealing with threats, securing resources, and gathering much-needed Essence.

The first commissioned “heroes of the frontier” (as the Sovereigns styled them) to arrive in 999 AG were shocked to find the Outpost burned to the ground upon their arrival, reportedly the work of an arson attack by a mysterious assailant. Only three of the Outpost’s original thirteen inhabitants are currently known to have survived that disaster, the rest fled in the night and having fallen prey to the dangers of the frontier. One survivor, a wood elf monk named Greyowl, perished before making it back to the Outpost. Widget, the current quartermaster and managing magewright was another of the survivors. The third survivor, a Greenhand farmer named Elodee, was at first assumed to have died in the wild, but turned out to have been responsible for the fiery destruction of the Outpost, acting at the behest of her warlock patron, a deranged fey/shadow creature named Baku’anwa. Both Elodee and Baku have since been defeated through the efforts of the heroes of the frontier.

And with the arrival of the heroes of the frontier, so began the work of rebuilding the Outward . . .

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The Current-Day Outpost

Life in the Outpost is harsh, full of dangers and hardship. Nonetheless, the heroes of the frontier have banded together to make the best of it, working to construct new buildings and amenities for community use, founding fledgling businesses, and securing the region as best they can to protect both existing and future neighboring settlements.

Current Amenities

Upon arrival at the Outpost, each new hero of the frontier is provided with a two-person tent, a storm warning bracelet, an empty ration box, and a free healing potion (2d4+2 HP restored, one-time use). The following buildings and amenities have also been built and are available for all characters to use:


A handful of lodges that feature one- and two-person private rooms. Quarters are small and utilitarian, but warm. Here each character is provided with a single bed, a desk and chair, and a bureau. The barracks also feature a bathhouse room with showers, a magitech outhouse, and a large common room with several hearths and comfortable seating. Over the exterior entrance to the common room hangs the snarling, taxidermied head of a sea lion. Mechanically, the barracks provide not having to make rolls for pre-game exhaustion due to weather effects.

Dining Hall

Formerly the last building standing after the fires that destroyed the Outpost’s original buildings, inside this handsome stone structure are several long tables outfitted with comfortable benches and chairs. On one side of the room is a magitech dispenser that doles out endless servings of  bland but satisfying conjured food and water. On the otherwise empty wall opposite the food dispenser is an ornate full-length magical mirror set into a gilded bronze frame, enchanted to answer questions, but only with lies. At the back of the large central room are two doors. One leads to a well-appointed kitchen and the other leads into the stormshield generator room (which doubles as Widget’s bunk room). The gennie room is sealed with a strong magical ward that allows no one but the magewright herself to enter without her express permission. Just outside of the building, near the front entrance, is a large notice board labeled “REQUESTS.” Mechanically, the dining hall allows characters to benefit from bonuses for feasting prior to a mission. For more information about our feasting mechanics, see the Crafting and Downtime document.


A long lodge-shaped building with high A-frame ceilings, made entirely from carefully fitted glass panels joined with lead frames. Inside are rows and rows of raised platforms containing beds of soil spilling over with all manner of vegetables, fruit trees, and patches edible fungus. The clucking of chickens buzzing of bees can also be heard here, along with other farming livestock.


A long stone building with lots of natural light and careful ventilation… built to withstand even Sparkk’s experiments gone awry. Also contains a reading room with the portion of Menocles’ library that relates specifically to alchemy. Mechanically, the laboratory allows for experimentation, invention, and crafting alchemical potions with additives in addition to base ingredients.


A large building housing the Outpost’s collection of books and scrolls, a good portion of which came from the pre-Godfall library of the mage Menocles. In addition to the stacks, the library also contains a reading room and several quiet study areas. Mechanically, the library allows for research to be performed without penalties due to lack of suitable facilities.

Outpost Shop

Run by Solace’s merchant’s guild, the Outpost shop provides basic adventuring gear, including equipment, dry goods, and arms and armor. Please note that the prices here may differ from PHB book price. See the Outpost Shop document pinned in #store-gold on Discord for a full list of the shop’s current inventory and pricing, as well as that of any traveling merchants currently available.


This formerly muddy, slushy field has grown into a grassy expanse filled with flowering shrubs, shaded thickets, and saplings well on their way to growing tall and strong. Off to one side, Widget has arranged a few practice dummies and targets of varying materials in an open practice field.


Dunwaukin Ranch Stable is home to the Outpost’s more mundane mounts and beasts of burden. Such creatures (as long as they aren’t considered exotic under our Mount/Beast rules, for which see Godfall Homes, Shops and Travel in #resources) can be housed here for a fee of 5 gp per month (each), which includes stabling and feed while your beast is at the Outpost.


A large structure containing one main room (with stained glass windows and a cathedral ceiling) dedicated to the worship of the Sovereign Four. The southern end of the main chamber bears four niches, one each dedicated to Earthheart, Bastion, Dawnbringer, and the Architect. To the north are private chambers for the resident (NPC) chaplain, Eccles, including his office to the northeast, in which a spiral staircase leads up to a small loft and the door to a balcony overlooking the Hillocks. Stairs on either side of the entrance lead to a basement level that contains rooms for storage, a small infirmary, and a meeting hall. Mechanically, the temple allows PCs to purchase services including: cure wounds (10 gp), lesser restoration (40 gp), remove curse (90 gp), revivify (300 gp), raises dead (500 gp), and greater restoration (300 gp).

Town Square

Bustling with activity during the daylight and evening hours, this intersection of two broad, cobblestone-paved avenues is lined with the town’s essential buildings (outpost shop, dining hall, temple) and a handful of burgeoning construction projects. Spring greenery and lanterns lit with everburning torches brighten the streetcorners. One of these corners is an open market square where residents and visitors alike can peruse the wares of any visiting merchants.


A series of squat buildings that contain work tables, cabinets, and a working forge, along with plenty of space to spread out and work on crafting projects of various shapes and sizes. Mechanically, the workshop allows for crafters to practice smithing, tailoring, and woodworking (which were previously unavailable).

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Surrounding Areas


This boulder-strewn field lies outside the safety of the Outpost’s stormshield, but is the flattest and safest place to land airships this close to the settlement. A winding path leads through sparse tree cover and down a hillside into the valley that is home to the Outpost. Most characters are introduced on Discord by landing here and then making their way down to the Outpost. Many heroes of the frontier pride themselves on greeting newcomers as they arrive, so if you’re looking to introduce your new character, please feel free to let folks know OOC in either #general or #RP-noise-muster on Discord.

Fariyana Hillocks

A series of tree-studded rolling hills in the foothills of Mt. Marax, the Fariyana Hillocks lie outside of the safety of the Outward’s stormshield, but are a great place to go herb gathering, have a picnic, or just find some quiet to think. At the edge of the tree line is a lovely pond (formerly a small lake of boiling blood, following some extreme Maelstrom activity), some 150′ in diameter, filled with colorful rainbow fish and frogs. Floating above this depression is an earth mote of roughly the same size and shape, slowly orbiting that spot about 300 feet overhead.

NPCs of the Outpost

There aren’t a ton of NPCs at the Outpost, but there are a few. In order to interact with any of them during downtime on Discord, you’ll need a DM present. Current resident NPCs include:

Widget: An elderly Legacy mousekin-gnome, golemsmith artificer, and accomplished magewright, Widget was one of the Outpost’s original settlers, handpicked by the leadership of the Framers to maintain the settlement’s crucial magitech. These days, she also runs the lootpoints store. Widget lives in the storm generator room in the back of the dining hall.

Emmental: Widget’s golem, a hulking (Large size) construct who dwarfs his creator and seems to have been built for protection and brute strength. He seems to understand basic commands in Common and Gnomish, but does not speak. Emmental is never seen far from Widget.

Renzo: Another surviving member of the Outpost’s original group, Renzo was rescued from a mob of undead by a scouting party and brought back to the Outpost, providing an eye-witness account of the arson attack that leveled the Outward just before the heroes of the frontier began to arrive. Unfortunately, while trying to get more information out of him, another group of characters spooked Renzo and scared him off. He has not been seen in months.

Menocles: A powerful sorcerer from pre-Godfall times, Menocles was first encountered by a scouting party hired to investigate what turned out to be the mage’s tower. Initially hostile to the party, the spirit of the long-dead mage was talked into standing down and coming back to the Outpost as an ally. After spending so much time as a disembodied spirit trapped in a jar, he is quite mad, but is generally considered to be harmless and an interesting (if somewhat perplexing) conversationalist. Menocles formerly resided in the library, but has since attained a new body (through rather controversial means) and disappeared immediately after this. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Lysanne: Still healing from major surgery performed by Norin and Sahii after sustaining life-threatening injuries in the Devouring Plains, Arrow lieutenant Lysanne chose to remain in the Outward after learning that all but herself and one other member of her unit had perished. Lysanne is still figuring out how she fits in at the Outpost, but meanwhile has begun training the heroes of the frontier to become more competent fighters.

The Scavvers: A trio of scavengers were brought back to live at the Outpost following a series of scouting missions seeking the missing members of Lysanne’s Arrows unit. An industrious lot, Bramble (enby Legacy plant-humanoid), Luc (male Legacy human) and Kasi (female Legacy human) have been supplying the Outpost with a great deal of scrap needed for construction efforts. They live in the barracks in between scavving runs and tend to keep to themselves.

Ecclesiastes: An enby tradeforged cleric of the Holy Tetrad, a religious order that worships the four god-kings in equal measure and values a balanced approach to living. “Eccles,” (rhymes with deckles) as they are known, is the priest-in-residence at the chapel, providing residents of the Outpost with basic healing services and a friendly ear in times of trouble. They also have a pet bird (a female red cardinal) named Deva. During services, Eccles’ wears a magitech mask with rotating sides that shows the image of whatever god-king’s face is currently receiving devotion.

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Frontier Lore

  • Flora
  • Fauna
  • Metals, Minerals, and Gemstones