Significant Bodies


The sun that the planet (Otera) revolves around, and the only of its kind in the solar system. The speed at which the planet revolves causes Eriyon to rise and fall once every twenty-four hours, called a solar day. It takes 1,095 of these days to orbit Eriyon, simply called a year.

Lunis Major

Commonly called Ioun. A large, pale moon. A single orbit around the planet takes twenty-one solar days, called a lunar week.

Lunis Minor

Commonly called Caliban. A much smaller, slightly red moon. A single orbit around the planet takes three solar days, called a lunar pass or more commonly just a lunar. There are 365 lunars in every year.

Phases of Lunis Minor

Lunar dayTimePhase


The increments in which time is measured in Otera are summarized below. It’s worth noting that 3 days in game time equals 1 day in real time.

Time MeasurementColloquiallyOtera TimeReal Time
Solar DayDay24 hours~8 hours
Lunar pass Lunar3 days1 day
Lunar weekWeek7 lunars1 week
Lunar monthMonth~30 lunarsMatches real months
SeasonSeason~3 months, 90 lunarsMatches real seasons
Solar YearYear365 lunars,
1095 days
Matches real years

Days of a Lunar

  • First day: Swell
  • Second day: Crown
  • Third Day: Ebb

Lunars of the Week

  • TBD


The names of each month are based on major constellations that come into peak view during their namesake. Month names formally always start with “Month of the” but are almost always shortened to just the name of the constellation.

  1. Tressym
  2. Auroch
  3. Manticore
  4. Almiraj
  5. Dragon
  6. Serpent
  7. Unicorn
  8. Hippogriff
  9. Girallon
  10. Cockatrice
  11. Winter Wolf
  12. Owlbear


Dates are generally written “Month, Lunar, Day, Year” and often use abbreviations or simply numbers. For instance the first day of the first lunar of the first month in 998 AG could be written any of the following ways:

  • Swell, The first lunar of Tressym in Nine Hundred and Ninety Eight after Godfall.
  • Tressym 1st, Swell, 998 A.G.
  • Tress. 1, Sw., 998
  • 1-1-1-998

Lunars of the week are generally not included in dates, but can be added to the front of a long date.

In a date, A.G. refers to After Godfall, whereas P.G. refers to the time prior to Godfall. These are generally omitted for A.G. dates.


Because the calendar has been set up to mirror earth time, the seasons also change along with earth’s seasons and the corresponding solstices and equinoxes line up.

Dates of Significance

  • 12-21, Swell – First day of Martyr’s Feast (Feast of Ashes), also the winter solstice and first day of winter.
  • 12-21, Crown – Second day of Martyr’s Feast (Feast of the Unseen Hand)
  • 12-21, Ebb – Third day of Martyr’s Feast (Feast of Hope’s Bounty)
  • 5-1, Swell: Memorial Day, the anniversary of Godfall