Solace was not a young city when Godfall broke the world. Home to some of the Sovereign Four in their mortal lives, it would prove just self-sustaining enough—they hoped—to serve as a safe haven for the races of men that survived the harrowing journey from all corners of the ravaged continent. As the Maelstrom reshaped the world outside, the city too changed. The northerneastern quarter was flooded by rising seas, and new tiers rose ever higher as the overcrowded populace quickly ran out of space on the ground and began to build up, as well as down

City Government and Laws

Present-day Solace is governed as a republic overseen by the Sovereign Four and two governing bodies: the Senate, made up of elected representatives from each city district, and the High Council, comprised of high-ranking officials from Solace’s four main factions (the Conservators, Wardens, Framers, and Greenhands). All citizens are obliged to follow three simple laws laid down by the Bastion:

  • Do not risk our survival with a selfish act.
  • Respect the lives of others.
  • Respect the property of others.

Those who break these laws are subject to a trial in which magic is used to compel truthfulness. The most common punishment for non-capital offenses is a geas sentence of anywhere between one month and one year, whereby a criminal is compelled to make recompense to the city through some form of (often dangerous) martial or manual labor.

Beyond Bastion’s laws, however, each ward is left to determine its own preferred style of local governance and unique legal code, rather like a collection of small city-states that all exist in very close proximity. Similarly, all members of the city guard receive the same basic training from the Wardens, but upon completing this, return to serve in their home districts under the command of the ward’s current sheriff, who in turn answers to a mayor.

Solace City Wards

The people of Solace are free to travel between the wards—and can do so quickly and cheaply via the city’s lightning rail—but each citizen calls a particular district home. Each one bears a distinct flavor and character that colors and shapes its inhabitants’ lives. These wards include:

Additional Solace Lore