Life in Solace is heavily influenced by the high availability of magitech—the application of magical properties to normally mundane items and machines, all powered by Essence. Most citizens make use of the lightning rail transit system that links the city’s higher and lower levels, and even in the poorest districts, the streets are lit by magitech lamps. That said, denizens of the lower levels are more likely to sport scrounged and scavenged magitech, while those who live in the higher tiers can usually afford the latest items coming out of the city’s workshops. The Architect herself had a hand in creating Solace’s precious few airships—the first of which went into use merely two years before the start of our story. With the Maelstrom’s recession came the drive to begin exploring beyond the city to establish new settlements, necessitating advanced weapons, armor, and arcane foci for those brave enough to answer the call of the Sovereign Four as explorers of the Broken Lands. As such, many recent advances in magitech have been focused in these areas.

For information on crafting and enhancing magitech items, and for a full list of currently available magitech gear augments you can check out Magitech Augments. More magitech augments will become available as the story progresses, through in-game discovery and downtime research and invention by player characters.