During the climactic battle of Godfall when the primordial god of Magic was slain, eight surviving members of the mortal army that challenged the gods were elevated seemingly at random to godhood. Of these, four went their separate ways, never to be seen again. The remaining four, however, banded together to shepherd the races of men to a single safe haven–the city of Solace. For the past thousand years, they have used their power to protect their city and its people from the ravages of the Maelstrom, swearing to preserve life until the day when men might once more roam freely across the land, establishing new settlements and nations. Until then, they hold power in trust for the races of men, sharing rulership of their city with two bodies of elected representatives: one from the city’s various districts, and one from its four primary factions (the Greenhands; the Framers; the Conservators; and Bastion’s military force, the Wardens).

If you decide to play a cleric or another class that requires you to choose a cleric domain, you may choose any domain and any of the Sovereign Four (or all four) as your deity, since they share the domains among them. That said, they do each have favored domains (listed below) that fit their individual thematics. The Sovereign Four, as they are known to their subjects, include:


The patron of scholars, scribes, history, culture, artists and performers, and arcane spellcasters, the Dawnbringer is known to have been a bard and a historian in his mortal life. The most charismatic and empathetic of Solace’s god-kings, he is the group’s natural diplomat and public face. Through his clergy and their faction, the Conservators, he oversees management of the city’s libraries and archives, its bard and mage colleges (respectively), the university, and the council of mages.

  • Alignment: Generally thought to be Neutral Good
  • Favored Domains: Arcana, Knowledge, Light, Trickery
  • Themes: Knowledge, civilization, magic, culture, joy, the sun
  • Favored Form: Male half-elf

The Architect

Once a siege engineer during her mortal lifetime, the architect prefers to spend her days locked away in her workshop working on pet projects—including new forms of magitech. She is the patron of artisans, merchants, craftspeople, and inventors, and through her clergy and their faction, the Framers, oversees every guild (crafts, merchants, labor, etc.) in the city. The Architect is rarely seen outside her enclave except for on high festival days, choosing to surround herself with the best and brightest of the city’s smiths, inventors and artificers.

  • Alignment: Generally thought to be True Neutral
  • Favored Domains: Forge, Light, Knowledge
  • Patron of artisans, merchants, craftspeople, inventors
  • Themes: Commerce and trade, innovation, invention, craftsmanship
  • Favored form: Female gnome


The Earthheart spends his days tilling the earth and tending Solace’s crops, having been a common farmer conscripted as a soldier in his mortal life. A gruff fellow, more inclined to action than sitting around and talking, he cares little for politics, preferring to work the land and leaving his clergy to manage the affairs of his faction, the Greenhands. It is rumored that he often takes the guise of a simple farmhand in his day-to-day work, leaving behind the burden of his position in society whenever possible . . . though his disguise has, on occasion, been foiled by his quickness to action in performing miracles to save the victims of any accidents or Maelstrom incursions that occur in his vicinity.

  • Alignment: Generally thought to be Neutral Good
  • Favored domains: Grave, Life, Nature
  • Patron of farmers, home and hearth, simple pleasures, and the common folk
  • Theme: agriculture, home, family, nature, life and death
  • Favored form: Male halfling


Among the Sovereign Four, perhaps none evoke more awe, mystery, or terror as Bastion, the mighty warrior of the god-kings, who tirelessly defends Solace’s walls from Maelstrom-born horrors. Bastion’s mystique comes, in large part, due to the fact that no one has ever seen zhem out of zheir signature plate mail, zheir face always hidden behind that trademark horned helmet. What’s more, stoic and silent Bastion has never been known to speak a single word, though zhey sparingly use sign language to issue orders and decrees. Grimly devoted to order and the rule of law, Bastion occasionally serves as the Sovereign Four’s executioner when judgement is passed on especially heinous crimes against the city and its people. Bastion’s clergy oversees management of the Wardens, the faction charged with ensuring the safety and security of Solace and its citizens. Over time, zheir clergy and the Wardens took to using gender neutral pronouns for Bastion as a sign of respect, and Bastion approved of this. When asked why zhey approved, Bastion answered, via signing: “Because I could be anyone. Because there is no distinction between citizens in Solace in My eyes. Man, woman, human, elf—all are equal before Me and My Wardens. Only your actions discriminate you.”

  • Alignment: Generally thought to be Lawful Neutral
  • Favored domains: Order, Protection, Tempest, War  
  • Patron of law and order, civilization, soldiers, tacticians, bodyguards
  • Themes: Law, order, justice, passion and restraint
  • Favored form: Unknown