One of the chief design intentions of Godfall is to give players the opportunity to build the Outpost into a real town, a community where their characters live and work when they’re not adventuring. To that end, we allow for a variety of ways players can build and customize their characters’ homes and places of business.

You can find the full rules-in-progress for building and owning homes and shops here. In a nutshell, though, player characters in our game may own two types of properties: homes and shops. A home is a place where people live. A shop is a place of business that can also double as a limited-space residence.

There are rules for the types and number of buildings you can own, what resources are required to build one, and how many people can live in them. You can also modify buildings you own using the following custom features:

  • Expansions: Special rooms, furnishings, or other features that provide a unique benefit of some type. It should be noted not all expansions provide a mechanical game benefit. Some exist primarily to provide fun narrative flavor and roleplay opportunities.
  • Modifications: With enough time, resources, and access to skilled labor, any room or expansion in a structure can be modified with certain special traits. This includes permanent spell or other magical effects in the form of magitech installations or rooms imbued with Essence.
  • Stronghold Upgrades: At the higher construction tiers, a character’s home can be upgraded with a space dedicated to the practice of their class’s more rarified abilities. Each class’s stronghold requires a specific type of expansion to be in place before it can be built, and provides both a fun flavor benefit and a mechanical boon for your character in-game.

Each type and tier of building allows for a specified maximum number of expansion and stronghold update slots. There’s no limit on how many modifications you can add to a room or an expansion.