Godfall will be following the D&D Adventurer’s League’s lead and be using the rules for Character Advancement from Xanathar’s Guide to Everything (XGE).

Experience Checkpoints (ECP)

Godfall uses the Experience Check Point (ECP) system described in XGE with some slight adjustments (see below). This system rewards every character (and player) for taking part in a play session. A character receives a maximum of 1 experience checkpoint for each hour of the adventure’s projected playing time, rather than the actual time spent at the table, with those checkpoints being awarded for achieving specific goals in the adventure.

Characters may earn up to 6 ECP per week (resetting on Tuesday morning at midnight Eastern Time) . This includes checkpoints earned through game sessions, downtime events, or mission reports (see below).

Resting Bonus ECP

If a player did not earn at least 3 ECP the previous week (ending on Tuesday at 6 AM Eastern and not including BeBetter ECP), they gain a 50%  resting bonus to checkpoints earned via the next game session they play in. This resting bonus does not count toward the weekly ECP cap and can be applied to just one character (not both, if a player has two characters). Resting bonus ECP is rounded down, but the minimum bonus you will earn this way is 1 ECP. If you are due a resting bonus, please notify your DM before or immediately after their game. It’s the player’s responsibility to track when a resting bonus is due.

The Fruits of Success and Price of Failure

Some adventures may award or subtract an experience checkpoint based on the level of success. For example, your party might complete an epic quest and save all the land, receiving a bonus check, or they might choose to let all the innocents burn in favor of sleeping in, losing one advancement check from their total for playing that adventure.

Playing Out of Tier

Playing out of tier does not award additional checkpoints. You may ignore the rules in XGE that reference playing in higher tiers.

Mission Reports and Gazette Submissions

A character can earn 1 checkpoint (per character, per week) for posting an in character summary of a recent game session, discord event, or major role play scene in the #Gazette-Submissions channel on Discord. These notes are collected and made publicly available by the Conservators to help aid other adventures and as such are considered to be public knowledge. They need not be technical in nature — journal entries, letters, field reports, and even poetry, artwork, or snippets of music are collected by the Conservators for posterity. Please be sure to mention somewhere in your gazette submission (either IC or OOC) post which character the ECP for that post should be assigned to. Once a character hits level 14, they can receive 1 lootpoint for writing a gazette entry instead of 1 ECP.

Ultimately, the most useful thing you can do with your mission reports is to use them to share story information uncovered by your character with other players. This gives other folks a chance to stay informed about what’s going on in-game during scenes they aren’t involved in.

Discord Events

Another way to potentially earn rewards such as bonus ECP, crafting materials, etc., is to participate in a DM-run (or Moderator-run) event on Discord through text- or voice-based roleplay. These events may be scheduled in advance or pop up on the fly, so keep an eye out for posts from the leadership team announcing upcoming events. Rewards for events work the same as for Roll20 games for ECP and LP only, based on character tier and total hours of active and engaged participation for the event. Any other potential rewards (i.e., gold, items, etc.) are typically unlikely from events, but may come into play at the discretion of the DM running or overseeing that event.

Also worth noting, Discord events are typically story- and roleplay-focused and do not involve much (if any) combat, since trying to run combat in a text-based adventure using Avrae takes forever and kind of blows.

Leveling Up

The number of experience checkpoints needed to gain the next level depends on a character’s level:

  • At levels 1 – 4, acquiring 4 checkpoints is required to advance to the next level.
  • At level 5 – 9, acquiring 8 checkpoints is required to advance to the next level.
  • At level 10 – 14, acquiring 12 checkpoints is required to advance to the next level.
  • From level 14 on you can only level up during an Epic Campaign, most of which will use a milestone system.

*Note that if you choose to start a character at a level higher then level 1, you must “backpay” those checkpoints before advancing.

At the end of a play session or during downtime, characters may level up if they have reached enough checkpoints to do so.

Even though a character may have enough checkpoints to level, you may choose to not do so. However, if you do choose to not level, you will forfeit any ECP gained for games played after that point until you begin leveling that character again.

Level 14 Play

On reaching level 14 with a character, you may use the options listed under the Restricted Character Options List for all future characters. Note that the options listed here are subject to continuous balancing and may change over time.


Godfall uses the treasure points system as describe in XGE, although we call them Lootpoints. These Lootpoints are spent on the list posted in the #store-lootpoints channel. Some adventures may also include unique or particularly thematic items that are unlocked for purchase when completed . These items may become available for just the people in that mission or the entire server. Factions and special vendors may also from time to time offer special magical items for Lootpoints.

Gaining Lootpoints

Each character earns Lootpoints based on a games tier and its intended playing time:

  • 1 Lootpoint is awarded for every 4 hours played in a tier 1 or tier 2 Pick up Game
  • 1 Lootpoint is awarded for every 2 hour played in a tier 1 or tier 2 Adventure or Campaign
  • 1 Lootpoint is awarded for every 2 hour played in a tier 3 or tier 4 Pick up Game.
  • 1 Lootpoint is awarded for every 1 hour played in a tier 3 or tier 4 Adventure or Campaign.

As with the variant rules for gaining levels, this award is based on the adventures projected playing time, rather than the actual time a group spent at the table. Additional Lootpoints may awarded for completing hidden objectives during play. Unlike Experience Checkpoints, Lootpoints do not have a session or weekly cap on them.

Lootpoints can not be traded or moved between characters.

Spending Lootpoints

Unlike the rules given in XGE, Godfall does not require you to spend your lootkpoints immediately. You may bank them and spend them as desired on items in the Lootpoint Shop. To purchase an item from this shop you must make a post in #store-lootpoints within Discord.

Items purchased with Lootpoints are specially enchanted, tying their power to their owners lifeforce. The magical effects of these items can not be used by, or attuned to, by any other character.

Magic Items and Homebrew

You’ll find a variety of magic items available as in-game rewards in addition to those available via merchant lists for lootpoints. To set appropriate expectations, please be advised that not all canon magic items that exist in 5e are permitted in Godfall in cases where our game style or lore don’t mesh well. Particularly powerful items (especially legendary rarity and artifacts) are mostly restricted to Tier 4 (epic campaigns). Homebrew magic items do exist in our game but require Admin approval before they are handed out and are fairly uncommon to come across except as contest rewards or campaign loot. As always, all homebrew rules at Godfall, including homebrew magic items, are subject to rules adjustments by the Admins for balance.

Soulbound Items

Powerful magic items in Godfall make strong connections with those who use them, binding their magic to the character’s soul. Most believe this to be a side effect of the Maelstrom and the events of Godfall.

Whenever you attune to an item, that item becomes soulbound to your character. While you can unattune and attune to an item that is soulbound to you freely, others cannot. After unattuning from an item, that item will remain soulbound for an exceptionally long time. The range of time an item remains soulbound after being unattuned varies greatly, but generally ranges between 10-100 years.

Mechanically, this means that once a player character attunes to an item, it can never be attuned to by another player character. Items dropped by enemies, however, will generally be usable, unless the DM specifies otherwise for special cases.

Mundane Loot

In Godfall most mundane loot like armor and weapons has very little value. The local shops hosted over discord keep a full stock of regular equipment and will not buy this kind of loot. You can however sell items like gems and art objects at their listed value.

Furthermore all equipment that is looted off of fallen enemies is generally considered to be “Low Quality” items giving them a -1 penalty to AC, Attack, and Damage and preventing them from being improved upon. 

These types of items may not be useful to shop keepers but you can turn them into scrap material to sell or repurpose! Check out the Crafting and Downtime document for more information on how scrapping works.