Downtime can make up a lot of a character’s time with an “always on” game. To help quantify characters’ downtime we use a resource called “Crafting Points” or more commonly “CP”. Each point represents 1 day’s worth of free time. Because in-game time moves 3 times as fast as real world time, every player is allotted 3 CP per day across all characters. This means if you spend 2 CP on your first character, you only have 1 CP left to spend on your second. CP refreshes daily at midnight. Just like real time, if you don’t spend your CP it’s lost at the end of the day.

CP Expenditure

All CP expenditures and associated rolls must be posted in the correct #crafting channel of Discord. When spending CP be sure to follow the correct format. Posts that do not follow this format may be deleted.

If a task costs more then 3 CP you must make subsequent posts the following days, adding up your CP expenditures until the task is completed.

CP Expenditures in Discord

#Character Name, Task, (spent/total CP)


  • #Sandy trains the Grappler Feat (15/45 CP)
  • #Kaladin researches undead (6/15 CP)
  • /r 1d20+8 #Shelbert brews a potion (3/3 CP)

Skill and Tool Checks

Any rolls required by a task that costs CP may not benefit from temporary bonuses such as Guidance or Bardic Inspiration. You may, however, spend DM Inspiration. If you are required to make a roll as part of a task when spending CP, do so after your initial CP expenditure post.

Tool checks follow the same rules as skill checks. The associated attribute for a tool will always be included with the rules for the particular task that requires it. Furthermore, you need not be proficient in a tool to use one.

When making rolls in Discord use the following format. Not doing so may result in the dice bot not working.

Rolling Skill Checks in Discord

/r 1d20+modifier >= DC #Character Skill


  • /r 1d20+5 >= 15 #Shelbert, Alchemy
  • /r 2d20kh1+5 >= 15 #Shelbert, Alchemy
  • (You can use 2d20kh1 to roll with advantage.)


You may grant someone advantage on a skill or tool check by assisting them. Doing so requires that you be proficient in the skill or tool. You must declare your intention to assist in the correct #crafting channel. You must spend CP equal to the task being performed. You do not need to post this CP expenditure, instead the person you are assisting should include your character in their posts until the task is complete.

Full Rules

There are several crafting systems you can engage with as a player. You can find a full list of rules for these different systems in our Crafting and Downtime document.