In the interest of maintaining a welcoming gaming community, players who participate in Godfall are considered to have agreed to follow our community code of conduct, as described below.


First, while we encourage in-character drama, we will not tolerate harassment of other players in any form. This includes harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.

Inter-player Conflict and Bullying

Additionally, by choosing to play here you agree not to intimidate, threaten, manipulate, demean, or otherwise bully other Godfall players on or off the server. If you have a dispute with another player, we expect you to handle it in a civil and respectful manner. If you’re concerned this is not possible, contact a DM or a Moderator for assistance. It is here noted that bullying refers to an established pattern of behavior, and not just a solitary instance. Excepting cases of harassment as described in the section above (in which case, contact a DM or a Mod immediately), the first time another player says something to you that you don’t like or that makes you uncomfortable, tell them so and ask them to stop. That much is the responsibility of every player. Bear in mind that misunderstandings are likely to happen, especially via voice and text chat over the internet. It’s all too easy to say or type something with the intent for it to be a light-hearted joke and the person reading or hearing it to interpret what you said very differently. We’re all adults here and we expect you to communicate with each other as needed to maintain healthy boundaries. However, if you tell someone that something they’re doing bothers you and ask them to stop, and the behavior then continues and/or escalates, contact a DM or a Moderator for assistance. This allows us to track such complaints and respond accordingly.

Collaborative RP Expectations

What is and is not okay for me to do without a DM?

What is okay:

  • Anything based on your character’s sheet that will not have a lasting effect on the world or environment.
  • Any conflict that you and another player agree to carry out.
  • Anything based on Discord-supported structures. Example: you can have private conversations in your home.
  • Cursory interactions with NPCs such as ordering a beer from a barkeep or making purchases from a standard shop.

What you need a DM for:

  • Anything that will have a long lasting change on the world or environment.
  • Anything involving NPCs from your character’s background, backstory, or class features such as the warlock’s patron or the cleric’s deity.
  • Anything involving NPCs more cursory than receiving listed services. Example: Having a conversation with the guildhall master or interacting with a visiting merchant.

Finally, if you need a DM to support your RP…


  • Treat it like any other session muster.
  • Come up with a variety of times a DM could run your thing.
  • Understand and be flexible if a DM can’t do the thing quickly enough or at all.
  • Give the DM bullet points and trust us to work it into the greater story, and to come up with ideas to surprise you.


  • Tag a DM and expect them to join your scene.
  • Tell the DM what you want them to run for you and expect it to go as prescribed.
  • Message DMs you see online and ask them to run a scene for you right away.