1. Don’t be a dick.

Every other rule can fall under this one.

2.  Don’t argue with the DMs or Moderators.

If you believe there is an issue with a call, bring it up in the appropriate DM Communication channel after the session/scene has ended. If you don’t feel comfortable posting there you can bring it to an Admin or another DM to address.

3.  Don’t cheat or meta game.

Do your best to keep out of character knowledge out of game. Yes, you can go back and read through a channel but your character was not a participant in a scene it is safe to assume they were not present.

4.  Respect everyone’s time.

Players and DMs alike are all busy. Please respect their time.

  • Communicate if you are going to miss or be late to a session.
  • Read things twice before asking questions.
  • Don’t direct message or tag DMs unless absolutely necessary. 

5. Try to follow posted guidelines.

It’s fine to slip up from time to time. Blatantly ignoring or refusing to read a posted guideline is not. 

Age Requirement

As we sometimes deal with adult content IC/OOC, Godfall is an 18+ community. This age requirement will be enforced. If you have found your way to our Discord server and are under the age of 18, we ask that you leave the server voluntarily.

Conduct and Expectations 

General Guidelines

  • Character Limits and Retirement
  • Discord Guidelines

Homebrew Rules

The following is a list of homebrew rules that we use in Godfall. While most of these can be skimmed you should pay special attention to the Inventory Management rules as they are vastly different from standard 5e rules.


Strikes are given out to players as a warning. They are not meant as punishment but rather as a clear warning that a line was crossed. Should a player happen to acquire 3 strikes they will be removed from the server. We never wish for this to happen. Ideally players work with an Admin or the issuing DM to have a strike removed after a period of 1 month. To do so they must show that they understand why their actions resulted in a strike, make amends where necessary, and have show a positive behavioral change.


Harassment of other players in any form will not be tolerated and will result in a server ban . This includes harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion.