Character Creation

Regardless of level, everyone starts with:

  • Background equipment and gold
  • The standard level 1 gear OR variant starting wealth* for you class.

*If you roll starting wealth you are stuck with that amount and can not go back to the standard gear.

Character Management

No, you can also use this spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet has a lot of formulas that you can use to set up your character in DiceCloud.

We recommend you use the equipment section on Roll20 only for things you are carrying while adventuring. You should create “divider” items for your belt, backpack, and “free” slots to show what items are where, as well as how many slots total each container has. Finally, set the weight of each item to the number of slots it takes up in that container. For your full inventory, including items you have back in storage at the Outpost, using Dicecloud is probably your best bet for managing this, since it has slightly better support for our inventory system and since both you and the DM team have access to this sheet at all times. (Though you can and should track your full inventory on your Gsheet if you’re using that instead.)

We make use of the Roll20 Character Vault to move characters between servers. The following video explains how to use the Character Vault. (You only need to watch from 2:54 – 4:15.)


They’re made of metals, wood, and sometimes stone, or any combination of these you like if you play one. This would generally very much depend on their original purpose. Most probably look like less bulky Warforged, but feel free to play with that too.


  • Items are limited to mundane, non-complex items.
  • Items must be made of bronze, iron or steel
  • Crafting/gathering tools can be created via Artisan’s Blessing.
  • You must expend metal, scrap or money worth equal to the value of the creation.
  • Items must worth less than 100 gp.
  • It can not create artisan, masterwork, magitech items.

  • Items are limited to mundane, non-complex items.
  • Items must be made of materials that would not normally require an Essence cost to craft. (Iron, Steel, Wood, Leather, etc…)
  • Item can not create artisan, masterwork, magitech items.
  • You must still expend the proper amount of materials and gold as the item would normally cost to craft
  • “You also can’t use it to create items that ordinarily require a high degree of craftsmanship, such as jewelry, weapons, glass, or armor, unless you have proficiency with the type of artisan’s tools used to craft such objects.”
  • You can do this a number of times per real day based on the number of times you can cast the spell. You start game with these slots expended if you are playing that day.

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