When you create a character at Godfall, you can choose one of our standard races (see Official and Custom Races below), or you can choose to essentially build your own race by custom selecting your racial features using our Legacy system. You must pick one or the other, however: a standard race character or a Legacy race character. The only way to apply racial traits from our Legacy system to a standard race character are through our retirement benefits system. See Death and Retirement for more info.

Standard Races

Official Races

Custom Races

Legacy System (PDF)

While some of the original races of Otera still exist in small pockets throughout Solace, many centuries of close proximity have led to an intermixing of the races unusual to most campaign settings. As such, players have the option of either playing one of this setting’s standard races or picking their own racial traits using a unique Legacy system point-buy. While most mixed-race characters from the city have at least some noticeable trace of human blood in their veins, you’re free to flavor your character’s mixed-racial background however you like (within reason and the dictates of the campaign setting) based on the racial traits you choose. The only exceptions to this are that Legacy race characters cannot be descended from tieflings or dragonborn (both of which breed true), or tradgeforged (who do not bear young at all). You also may not flavor your Legacy race character as being undead, nor as being descended from or part fey, celestial, or fiend. All Legacy race characters are bipedal humanoids (no centaurs, etc.).

Base Statistics

Regardless of your Legacy choices, citizens of the city share the following traits (unless a trait you purchase says otherwise):

Age. You reach adulthood in your late teens and live less than a century.

Size. While your height and build can span a range from barely 4 feet to well over 6 feet tall, regardless of your position in that range, your size is Medium.

Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.

Languages. You know Common and one extra language of your choice.

Legacy Traits

In addition to the base statistics listed above, players get six Legacy points to spend when creating a character using this method. You can take any of the following Legacy options by spending the indicated amount of Legacy points on them up to your max of six. You can take each Legacy option only once, unless the option’s description says otherwise.

Some of the Legacy traits may list an ability score as one of its prerequisites. This means that in order to take this trait, you must have a Minor or Major Ability Score Improvement, with which you have chosen that ability score.

Arcane Calls

Whether you were born with it, came in contact with a source of arcane energy long enough, or contracted your magic in some other way, you are now innately magical. You can choose up to two of the following arcane calls when buying your Legacy traits. Additionally, you may only choose one trait that gives resistance to a damage type.

When you learn a new cantrip through an arcane call you’ve chosen, you must choose one of the following ability scores: Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma. The chosen ability score is your spellcasting ability for the cantrips you gained through your racial features.

Some of the calls may list an ability score as one of its prerequisites. This means that in order to take this call, you must have a Minor or Major Ability Score Improvement with which you have chosen that ability score.