The lore in the Godfall universe differs in many ways from classic D&D settings like Faerûn or Eberron. This is especially important to note when picking your race. Be sure to read up on the Godfall lore for the race you are interested in playing to make sure it fits your character concept.

As a note: we don’t allow child characters for this game. The minimum age for your character is 18.

You may have up to two characters at a time.

1. Decide Starting Level

You may start a new character at any level from 1-3. Characters starting above level 1 may not begin play with levels in more than one class (but may multiclass later on). Furthermore, characters starting above level 1 must “back pay” the Checkpoints they skipped over earning starting at level 1 before advancing another level. For instance, if you start a character at level 2, before you can reach level 3 you need to earn enough checkpoints for levels 2 and 3. Checkpoint requirements per level can be found in the #resources channel on the Discord server.

2. Choose a race

You may pick from any of the standard Godfall campaign setting races or use the legacy system to build your own custom heritage.

3. Choose a class and a background

We allow all officially published classes from the sources listed here as well as some carefully selected Unearthed Arcana (UA) and Homebrew.

You may choose from among any of the approved backgrounds for the Godfall campaign setting or create your own custom background using the guidelines on page 125 of the Player’s Handbook.

4. Determine Ability Scores

We allow 3 methods for determining your character’s ability scores. Be sure if you choose to roll for ability scores to follow the instructions pinned in the #character-creation channel so as to not invalidate the roll. If you retire (or suicide by monster) a character before they reach level 5 you can not roll ability scores for their replacement and must use point buy.

5. Enter your character in DiceCloud or Google Sheets

Once you are ready, input your character into DiceCloud or Google Sheets. To obtain a Google Sheet, type !gsheet in the #bot-commands channel and follow the instructions. Be sure to mark to share the character sheet with “anyone with link,” in either format.

6. Godfall Logbook

After you have input your character into DiceCloud or Google Sheets, you’ll need to add it to the Character List tab of the Godfall Logbook. Instructions for using the Logbook can be found in the #getting-started channel on Discord.