Are We Beyond Redemption?

As a test, we were requested by our allies of the sea, the Hafsin, and personally by their leader, the Fury, to suss out who had been attacking them. Our only clue was a marking on one of the undead that attacked, which the story tellers of the Hafsin were able to tell us was of the Raptor King – Ramiro Marin, also known as the Sea King – and his wife, the Raptor Queen Valencia. Using scrying, I was only able to locate Valencia, who was captaining a boat in magical glowing chains near some large black spires. For this quest, the Fury gave us a fully manned ship named the Salty Maiden, captained by Jotnar Alfhild of the Sea Urchin Clan. Skald Ranveig of the Otter Clan came along to document our adventure. We sailed to the black spires. Ariella and I flew up into the air to check if we could see their ship[ we barely saw the sails of the Tammeraut heading NNE from our location. We trailed behind the Tammeraut until we finally got within range. Using my staff, we teleported onto the ship only to be greeted by a bunch of undead, fiends, and unholy ground. As the group did battle, my first instinct was to dispel the magical chains affecting Valencia. With a hint of luck, I was able to temporarily disable the chains. As she came to her senses, at Dara’s request her undead stood down, but the fiends had other plans and had to be dispatched. After the battle both our ships needed to be repaired. As they were, Valencia told us her story.

The Sea King seems to have been a warlock before the Fall. His patron induces extreme paranoia and as a result, he became a coward. He didn’t stand along the others in the great battle against the Titan, but Valencia betrayed her husband and attempted to join the battle. This didn’t go unnoticed by the Sea King, so full of paranoia as he was. Using a pact object given by his patron, he bound her to eternal service and to follow his command. His last command was to gather more men for his army – in this case, undead. She told us that her people’s souls were cursed to be sentient undead as long as this pact object existed and the Sea King lived. She also said that after the Fall the Sea King lost contact with his previous patron, but a new one came to him and warped him and the pact object, allowing him to mold the very sea and land into a realm of despair, home to fiends. She believed that we could get through to the Sea King, that if he were to destroy the pact object he could redeem himself and his soul. A1 instilled some skepticism as to if such a man was worth redeeming, or if it was even possible. I wonder if Endurance can be redeemed, or if conflict is the only solution as well. Even if we win the war, will its people follow us? Will they see us as irredeemable if we kill the Mistress?

-Wolfgang Boneguard

A Letter to Saphara

Hey Saphy,

I know you were looking forward to seeing me home. Hells, I was looking forward to seeing you. But I’m going to need to ask you to be patient for just a bit longer. Nothing is wrong, I promise. But my visit with the Hafsin has been extended for a bit.

I can’t wait to tell you about the negotiations. The stories of these people, the battles we fought at their side. They are a good people, and with their assistance I firmly believe that we will be able to fight Endurance back. But as part of our alliance, there has been an exchange of guests. Revel and Luna were specifically requested. And I volunteered as a political guest. It is… not ideal, I was looking forward to seeing everyone again. But I could not in good conscience volunteer others for such a duty when I was capable.

I have so many gifts, however! And I bought a new cloak! It lets me teleport like you and Assistant One do! I’ll show you when I do get home.

Tell everyone that I’m OK. And that I’ll be back soon. These are good people, and they won’t betray our trust. We have to show them the same regard. I’ll be counting the days til I’m able to see your smiling face again.

Dara Halestorm of the Eagle Clan
P.S. They adopted us into their clans! I am now part of the Eagle Clan!

A Letter to the Wardens

Mission: Travel north east of Greenhome, scout where Calypso’s tribe resides and assist if needed to.

On the fourth day of our travel, we encountered a scouting party from Endurance. Two scouts were captured and are currently retained within Greenhome. A sending stone of some sort was acquired and in the party’s possession. Upon identifying the item, we discovered it is only able to send one message to an unknown source before the magical effect fades.

We took a total of six days to reach the cavern. But we were too late. Less optimal decisions were made, costing us valuable time. The tribe had already been slaughtered by the passing troop of Endurance three or four days ago, and their corpses were twisted by the storm to the point of no return. We did not find any survivors, but those that have met the tribe before pointed out that the total number of bodies found were about a quarter of their entire population. We did not find Calypso’s body either, so there might still be hope.

Greenhome have been made aware that the army is fast approaching. Given their travelling speed, they will be reaching Greenhome within two lunars.

-Arrow Dirhael

A Letter to Captain Paymon Dread


The war approaches. It has been a difficult few months for me. I have made mistakes and failed friends, and I question myself near-constantly. There is barely a minute that goes by where I do not think some cruel words about my oversights.

I fear now for my companions at the Outpost, for how can I trust myself to keep them safe? I feel unworthy of their time and support. And of course, I cannot help but think of how I failed you, and how thankful I am for your forgiveness.

All I may do is dedicate myself to protecting our homes, the Frontier and Solace, and thus to protecting my companions and you, for the army of Endurance is brutal. I have seen what they can do myself, how brutally they slaughtered a tribe of innocent people on the coast. I will not allow that to happen here until the last of my blood is staining the ground.

When all of this is done, visit, won’t you? I am not ashamed to say that I miss you, and that I dearly wish to see your handsome face again. I swear to you that I am far merrier in person, it is the act of writing that makes me face such introspection as to be melancholy.

As always, I wish you well and send my tenderest affection,