A Letter

Addressed to Alassë Dirhael, sent 75th Hippogriff A.G., along with a vial containing a single dead worm.


I went with Saphy on a mission to ensure the safety of those conducting experiments for Professor Edelwop of the University for her stay in the area. It was not pleasant, but we all returned to the Outpost safely. It’s an island that has a beautiful garden; the condition of the soil is so excellent that even the grass from the roadside could be Blue Ribbon worthy. However, under the earth came a beautiful but malicious melody that never seem to come to a rest. We also came across some undead controlled by parasitic worms. There were hundreds of them in each corpse, and any damage dealt to them would result in a spray of worms blasting back to our faces. Some of those things squeezed through my armor and bit me, but Wolf helped me get rid of those pests.

We defeated this worm-infested person, and Saphy disguised herself by wearing its mask before we rested and continue further. There was this undead “Director”, as he called himself, that actually told us to escape the moment he realised we were ‘living creatures’. Guess not all undead are bad. He was smart, too, and he briefly told us about the history of the place. The area was a Pre-Fall underground theatre called The Stellaris, renowned for its talented star opera singer named the “Diva”, who had as difficult a personality as she was talented. A thousand years ago, the result of the Fall killed most of the people here and mutated the Diva into a terrifying worm creature. She had been singing for her ‘audience’ ever since. Occasionally, she would request that the Director go out and look for more corpses to fill the spectator seats. All of her choir members were worm-controlled undead creatures. She was also the one responsible for the worms dancing and moving in such a way that they actually helped fertilize the soil of this island.

After some convincing, the Director reluctantly brought us to see the Diva… Well, let’s just say it’s a sight to behold. She was a massive worm-like creature easily 50 feet in length, with tendrils with faces in various expressions, all caked with melting makeup, filling it’s gigantic mouth… or the place where a mouth should be. She was singing her song for the dead audience, and immediately turned to us when Saphy applauded. A short exchange was made to make the Diva not immediately hostile to us, but the fight was inevitable. She went straight for Saphy and ate her, because as she was the one who tried to deceive her. Then Minerva and A1 also got swallowed and puked out, but Saphy didn’t, and I didn’t know where she went. All I knew was I had to kill it, and eventually we did. We found Saphy had teleported all the way to the back stage and was fighting another worm person there. I’m glad she’s okay.

I know I always have confidence in her. But she got hurt and I felt angrier than that time Theo got hurt. Not being able to do a thing until everything is over sucks. She talked about going back to Solace, so she doesn’t have to endure this anymore. She is so strong, yet so fragile. I wish for her to be here, but I can understand why she wants to leave. Mamil, what do I do? I don’t know what to do.


Team F Scouting Report 1:

The calls of war from Endurance are finally being brought to a head. With Bastion’s manpower being spread in preparation of the oncoming war, the most available personnel from the Outpost were contracted to act as scouts for the sake of our united front. The composition and preparedness of a scouting group was a bit lacking… with no spyglass, or covert familiar scouting. According to our contractor in Bastion’s Keep, Endurance has been sending forward scouts along with contingent forces to test against the defensive capabilities of the Keep with little success. We took note of the last recorded sightings of the scouting parties to the North-East of Bastion Keep and simply started combing the forested areas for signs.

Aside from the local wildlife, it wasn’t till we reached the eastern coast that we of the peninsula that we got a better understanding of our current situation. Without understanding their intent, we witnessed an a regiment of Endurance’s forces numbering well into the thousands, equipped with a multitude of folding boat sets to allow them to board. Where they found an incredible surplus of magical boats is a question for our leaders and merchants. They were sighted sailing down along the river with no indication of making landfall close to Bastion’s Keep.

Aside from the large forces, our scouts detailed that they seemed to be led by two figures: an elven woman and a man of some humanoid race. He wore the insignia of a fist clutching an arrow and gave an incredibly imposing aura about him. In a serendipitous turn of events, we also got to witness the strength of the leading commander as a gold dragon attempted to attack an entire fleet of boats. As it flew down, lighting struck the dragon out from the sky and as it fell to the ground, he took his maul in hand and split the dragon’s skull in two. This is clearly a sign. Not of a man, but potentially a God-king.

As we retreated in fear of meeting the same fate, another scouting party of Endurance set to ambush us but was quickly dispatched due to our perceptive vision and quick reactions. This potentially means that all coastal locations are currently in jeopardy of their defenses and information being led back to the main fleet. Any additional information or details can be ascertained from any of the contracted scouts.

Max Tybalt

To the Members of the Senate and the House

I only pray that you will take this Paladin’s request seriously. I am Dara Halestorm, Paladin of Renown, a Warden, and Defender of the Outward. I am certain that you have heard the dire need of the Outposts that have formed in the last year. The threat of Endurance has only become more pronounced as we have learned more about them. That we have received word that a God-king may very well be marching against us as well only increases the urgency of this request.

We have found a third civilization out in Otera. One led by a being known as the Howling Fury. Little is known about her, but that she commands the respect of at least one powerful creature of the Ocean leads me to believe that she may be yet another God-king. If this is true, I pray that you might see the value of establishing diplomatic relations with her. In this vein, we have already arranged for several of us to meet with her and her people. This is where my request comes in: I dare not speak on behalf of the People of Solace if it is not the people’s will that I do so. As the chosen representatives of Solace, I beg that you heed this plea. Give me and mine the sanction needed to speak with the weight of the City. Allow us the latitude to deal fairly and come to agreement with each other.

In case it is necessary, I have enclosed documentation regarding what we know of the forces of Endurance to this point. If all that we have built here is to survive, we will not be able to do this alone.

In the Name of the Four,
Paladin Dara Halestorm