Mission Report? The Road.

I think we went out to the road, but I don’t know how we got there.

I’m not sure when it appeared, and I’m not sure when we started running.

I’m not sure what it is and whenever I try to remember it, my head hurts.

I remember arms. And I remember legs. And I remember mouths. And I remember not remembering. And I remembering it being everywhere, and mostly remember it not being there.

I remember the grass, the fucking grass, fuck that grass. The grass was bad. The grass can fucking die. The grass when stood on did weird things to my head, or, did weird things to me, i’m not sure, I’m not sure about much from this fucking excursion. It did things to my legs, it grabbed me, it yanked me out of the air. Fuck that grass.

There were undead, I smashed some skeletons, there were lots of these shadow spirits that sapped my strength, sucked ass, fuck those guys too. My arms are some strong magic, so I could thankfully punch those asshole ghosts, but they were still total cunts.

The thing chased us I don’t know how long, we killed so many ghosts, ran so far, I looked after Strid, he looked after me.

Something happened, and we found a house, and the road was gone, and the thing appeared and. We woke up in the outpost and, I don’t know if it was a collective dream or not, but there was money and essence and –

Conscript Beatriz Ynez

The Trial of the Sea King

Captain Paymon, at Dara’s request, agreed to ferry us across the seas to reach seas uncharted since the recession of the Maelstorm. To the Boneyard we sailed to retrieve the Jade Eye and return it to the Torrential Sepulcher. The trip went smoothly, aside from the minor spat of plague that infected most of the crew and that weird marks appeared on our foreheads. We arrived at a coral reef. The waters were very clear down below and we could see a graveyard of ships. As we rested so Norin could sync up his sleeping schedule with ours, I decided to fish to see what types of fish could be caught here. I felt a tug and began to reel a large fish until suddenly another creature cut my line. We weren’t the only sentient beings in this reef.

The fish got impaled on the jagged coral around the area, at which the Gigantic Water Elemental exclaimed in anger and pain. He must have been the one who cut my fishing line. I immediately became one of his targets throughout the entire fight. The combat was rough, but in the end we came out victorious. It stopped attacking us and apparently Dara and it became friends. Dara told us his name was Seasmoke, and he said we passed the trail and told us to go obtain the Jade Eye from the ship. We entered the previously locked room to find a chess game in progress. We masterfully solved this puzzle and definitely didn’t trigger a swarm of poison needles to shoot out at least six times. Afterwards, the chess board opened up with the Jade Eye inside. This also made the marks on our foreheads to turn green. We returned to Paymon’s ship and told him of what we learned down below. Then we returned home to rest and prepare ourselves to travel to the next location.

-Wolfgang Boneguard

A Letter

Discovered in Corzin’s Room, visible tear stains on the paper.

Yllastra will pay. She has made me question my path. She has belittled me at every point. And now, she has killed my traveling companion. Oogie Will Be Avenged.

We walked right into a trap. It wasn’t even the real Yllastra. It was a scrapping SNOW COPY of her. And after I put so much effort into our diplomancy, and held my tongue when she talked about the terrible things Endurance does to its people, for the sake of trying to make some peace, she betrayed us and killed my friend.

She will pay.

She questioned my strength. She made me feel small, for a time there. And she’s wormed her way into my thoughts, made me second guess myself and what I know. And I can’t take it anymore. I can’t rest until she’s dead, and Solace is safe.

Yllastra Will Pay. I will be the one to remove her myself.

But, I’m going to do it in fair combat. I’ll show her my strength, that’s not borne from status, but from my own hard work.

Oogie… I wish you could have been there when I put her down. But, you’ll just have to hear the news in your next life.

Recycle in peace, dear friend. I hope to see you again.

An Impassioned (and slightly singed) Letter to Paymon Dread

Greeting Revered Reaver of the Open Seas Mr. Dread,

I have a great respect for those who take pride in exploring the world, to strive to encounter the unknown, to see that which has yet to be seen, even to acquire and revel in treasures long lost to the world. It is for these reasons I feel we may be kindred souls, but the last of them for which I am penning this letter. It has come to my attention you have come into possession of a bell with quite the interesting properties that I happen to share an interest in the potential it contains. Such properties to clear fog are undoubtedly useful for a seafarer in those conditions, but I entreat you, as an engineer with aspirations higher than the sky, to consider the potential usage, nay FULL usage such an item would have when borne aloft to the high skies, where clouds abound in troves, once obstacles or risks, now only clear skies. And the potential integration of effects, imagine a properly shielded housing potentially of essence infused steel, redirecting the effext, tunnels of clear clouds, or even a pillar of clarity to safely land, the potential is limitless. But I ask this not freely, I would like to offer to muster a group of adventurers from our Outpost to potentially assist you on a venture, for someone as traveled as yourself surely has a few tasks that would benefit from a selection of rather talented companions we are uniquely qualified to provide.

I await your response with fevered anticipation,
Airship Aspirer, Skyfarer, Fun-geneer, Inventor, Planeswalker, Arcanist, Adventurer, Engineer, Tinker, Smith, Miner

A Note (dropped in a discreet location)

Decided to have a drink at the tavern. Some cloudy eyed guy wandered in and dropped and envelope in front of then proprietor.

Guy snapped to as soon as he dropped the envelope. Had no idea how he got here.

Contents of the envelope were from Ylastra, an agent of the Veiled Mistress asking to speak to Revel (the proprietor) for peace talks between Solace and Endurance.

I tagged along in case things went sideways.

A ring in the envelope transported us to some ruin. A sacrificial altar, apparently.

Revel discussed the social order of Endurance with the priestess. Sounds like a shitty place to live. Apparently since I’m not running farms like my folks, then I’d be tried for treason.

I wanna punch her. Hope she gives me a reason to.

SHE GAVE ME A REASON! It was a fucking setup!

Fun time.

Riders came in on Gloomstalkers from 3 directions.

She’s gonna catch my fist. Something stole my memory…..but I got it back!

The camel died…that sucks.

It was a simulacrum. Fuck those things. We’re gone. Apparently the Outward is south of here.

We crossed a town built into the side of a mountain with an army across the river.

Looks like they are waiting for them to do something…..

Fuck. I just wanna get back home. Fastest way appears to be through this mess.

Aevaris transported us straight home. There’s a war coming. They’ll be here within four weeks.

Spread word.