Even the Sky Isn’t the Limit

A Submission to Magewright Monthly

While to my avid readers it may seem my writing hand has gone idle, this fevered researcher can assure to you that is NOT the case, for this talented tinker has been working fervently to bring you exciting results of my latest development. My years of working in the world of airships and the recent months of far more intense hands-on experimentation have borne fruit – fruit that, when properly calibrated, can find one borne aloft, breaking free the chains of gravity, taking to the skies in pursuit of freedom in a way not thought possible with such small machination devoid of a spell’s blessings.

This esteemed engineer, through many failures and even more burns, can finally, proudly, share the designs and specifications to allow this goal to be spread far and wide. I now challenge YOU, dear reader, to take the included documents and strike out, strike UP on your own and join me in the Personal Skyfarer’s Salute! For the next we meet may it be above in the bright-blue sky, where dreams are no farther than the clouds.

Until next time, remember: Use the Flames of your Heart to Burn your Mark into this World!
Skyfarer, Fun-geneer, Inventor, Planeswalker, Arcanist, Adventurer, Engineer, Tinker, Smith, Miner

Dear Mr. Ranne,

I told you I would make it to the Outpost! You and the others at the smithy might not have believed that I was really coming out here, but I did! Don’t be worried, though. My weaponsmithing might not be quite as good as yours, but I make up for lack of finesse with the magic I devised. And the best part is, the people here are willing to help me learn even better ways to put it to use!

In fact, all of the people I’ve met here are very nice. Mr. Norin reminds me a lot of you, and A1 seems nice (if not a little strange). Someone even took the time to make sure I knew what was going on around here! They even told me that if I worked hard, I would be able to be as strong as they are one day.

Thank you for everything you did for me back in Solace, Mr. Ranne. I wouldn’t be even half the bladesmith I am now if it weren’t for you, and I wouldn’t have had the courage to come all the way out here to improve more. So don’t worry about me! Keep working hard, and maybe one day I’ll come back to visit.

Until the next letter!
–Kai Corallis

A Notice

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

It would appear the frontier is as dangerous as ever: one of our people here have suffered a soul injury, making it her second. From what was able to be discerned, she was eaten by a large creature, and only her skeletal remains were able to be recovered. It’s a stark reminder that there are truly dangerous things in this world, even when Endurance is not threatening to kill or enslave us all.

Work in the outpost continues apace; buildings are being constructed, armor is being crafted, and research continues. We have a pending mission in approximately eight lunars, taking us beneath the waves of the ocean. We are working to make preparations before the mission, but it is quite uncertain what we will encounter. I do hope to avoid a repeat of my first underwater mission.

I will keep you apprised of any new developments as it pertains to the upcoming missions. Please contact me if you have further questions.

Architect’s blessings be upon you.
–Arrow Cassal