It’s that time of year again. Time for the annual Superb-Slam! The greatest contest of Might, Magic, Wit and Guile! This year is sure to be the biggest tournament yet, as many of Solace’s “Heroes of the Frontier” have vowed to compete! Will they be able to outwit and outplay previous Champions and crowd favorites? Only time will tell! 

This years challenge, sponsered by Klünder & Associates Inc., has finally been revealed, folks, and boy we’re in for a treat! This year’s arena has been carefully planned and designed by the ever-elusive creator of the notorious, ever-changing, ever-shifting Blue Alley! That’s right folks, the vogue rogue himself, Manksy!

In this masterpiece of malice, groups of three will enter a maze laced with all sorts of Manksy’s trademark surprises at opposite ends. Their goal, besides surviving of course, will be to reach the center, where a pre-Fall relic is being kept. Their goal will be to retrieve this relic and place it in their team’s goal. The first team to score or the last team standing will win the match.

But “Mr. Announcer,” you say, “won’t the first person to touch the relic just teleport away?” Well, my sweet innocent fan, we’ve thought of everything. Each contestant will be equipped with this year’s latest and greatest magitech device, the “NOT TODAY Mark I.” This little baby is capable of not only counterspelling magical effects, but also shielding its user from incoming harm. Fall into a trap? Get blasted in the face by a flame-breathing baddie? Or maybe that pesky wizard just won’t mind his own business… with the “NOT TODAY Mark I” you can finally tell these nuisance-y everyday problems, “NOT TODAY!” At the push of a button, you can reap the benefits of the device’s Legendary Resistance   or engage its famous Nullmagic ™ effect.

Don’t miss a minute of this year’s Slam. We have more surprises in store, and the games haven’t even started yet! Get your tickets now!