Anyone who has played on Dawn of Change knows that lag in Roll20 is a constant problem. As we move to Godfall we’ve decided to start trying to combat that by having each DM create their own Roll20 game. This however creates it’s own issues, namely how to manage character sheets. The Roll20 character vault can be leveraged to easily move characters between games, but this means DMs have no visibility into someone’s character sheet until it’s moved. It also means that if there is a Discord event you could be left scrambling trying to import your sheet into a Roll20 game somewhere just to see your stats.

This is where DiceCloud enters the scene. While this can be a lot of extra up-front work on the part of the player, the payoff is huge. Lag on Roll20 can be kept to a minimum, your sheet will be safely backed up, you and the DM team will have quick access to your sheet even over Discord, and lastly it interfaces with our new dice bot Avrae which means you’ll be able to roll attacks, checks, saves and whatever else without even needing to open your sheet to see your modifier.

I know DiceCloud may seem overwhelming at first, but if set up correctly it will be a huge boon to you as a player. For those that want to start playing around with it, here is a handy-dandy cheat sheet for DiceCloud. I also recommend going through their tutorial and reading their guide.

If you want to see an example of a Godfall character using Legacy, a Homebrew Class and Background in DiceCloud, you can check out my character Cecil, the Infusionsmith.

I am also looking at ways of leveraging DnD Beyond as an alternative to DiceCloud, as Avrae can use that as well, but I’m currently struggling to get the Legacy system to even sort of function over there.

As always, we want to hear your feedback, questions and concerns!